FCD ASICS is a leader in ASIC and FPGA logic design and functional verification.
In the last 17 years many tens of companies have used our services and we are proud to be proud of their success.

FCD ASICS was established in 1995 by Zvi Netzer, MSc.in electrical engineering from the Technion institute in Israel.

Before establishing FCD ASICS Mr. Netzer served in different positions in Intel Corporation.
Zvi Netzer motto of “there is no problem I can’t solve” influences the spirit of the whole company. We have done for customers things they did not believe are possible. FCD engineers are experienced in design and verification in different domains, including Video cameras and processing, Ethernet and other communication standards, medical equipment and more.

FCD ASICS has 3 design centers, one in Israel and two in Romania. North America sales office is located in New Jersey, Europe and Middle East sales office is located in Israel.

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FCD ASICS offers design and consulting services in the entire process of bringing your chip to market from definition, through HDL design, designing for testability and manufacturability, place and route and manual layout, testing and fabrication.

FCD ASICS’ vast experience in ASIC design includes both turn-key projects such as ASICS for Ethernet and Video, as well as designing individual modules as part of a larger scale customer project. Let FCD ASICS take part in your next ASIC project.

  • High quality digital design
  • Microarchitecture design
  • Writing design specifications
  • Verilog or VHDL modeling, according to customer preferences
  • Synthesis, scan, insertion and ATPG, BIST, layout, timing analysis
  • FPGA prototyping option – design any FPGA type for any ASIC vendor
  • Board design for validation or system

For companies that are targeting their design into FPGA, or companies interested in building an FPGA prototype for an ASIC device to debug their algorithms in a real environment, we offer a multitude of FPGA design expertise in video, communications, processors and peripherals.

FCD ASICS has successfully completed dozens of FPGA projects and our engineers are very experienced with Xilinx and Altera FGPAs, with projects ranging from tens of thousands of gates and up to a million gates or more. Let our experienced engineers handle your next FPGA project.

  • Microarchitecture design
  • Writing design specifications
  • Design in any FPGA type according to customer preference
  • Verilog or VHDL modeling according to customer preferences
  • Simulation and integration in customer’s environment
  • Board design for validation or system
  • Specman
  • System Verilog
  • Scripts
  • Customer tools
  • Score board

Our experienced verification team will perform verification for customers’ design on an hourly, daily or monthly basis, helping customers eliminate bugs and design flaws before going into production.

Save expensive simulation time.
Using formal verification tool, comparing your RTL to your spec, we will find your RTL errors before running even one simulation clock.

  • CCD timing generation
  • CDS control
  • Bad pixel correction
  • Multi-frame integration
  • On screen display
  • Zoom
  • Horizontal and vertical flip
  • Wide range luminance
  • Color and resolution algorithms
  • OSD with and without characted contour
  • Statistics collection
  • DSP interfacing
  • Interface to VGA screen
  • Composite video encoding
  • Noise elimination
  • Night vision
  • Line lock

If you need a board to test your prototypes in a real environment, we have the experience and know-how to help.

Our engineers have designed numerous boards for our clients, such as video processing boards interfacing CCD and CMOS sensors to TV and VGA monitors and to CPU and DSP processors, Ethernet, E1/T1 and SONET/SDH boards, and many others.

FCD ASICS provides conversions services from SIMULINK design to Verilog/VHDL, as well as hardware implementation of SIMULINK models.