ASIC design

FCD ASICS offers design and consulting services in the entire process of bringing your chip to market from definition, through HDL design, designing for testability and manufacturability, place and route and manual layout, testing and fabrication.

FCD ASICS’ vast experience in ASIC design includes both turn-key projects such as ASICS for Ethernet and Video, as well as designing individual modules as part of a larger scale customer project. Let FCD ASICS take part in your next ASIC project.

  • High quality digital design
  • Microarchitecture design
  • Writing design specifications
  • Verilog or VHDL modeling, according to customer preferences
  • Synthesis, scan, insertion and ATPG, BIST, layout, timing analysis
  • FPGA prototyping option – design any FPGA type for any ASIC vendor
  • Board design for validation or system